Beauty of People Project

A Few More

I still have some pictures from the cultural festival that I'd like to post before I move on to the next thing. 

First fun fact, is that two of these students were my students! One from my photography class and the other from my English class. It was fun to see them again.

Secondly, these two pictures represent completely different people groups from the same country. It's amazing to me how different each one looks. As you can tell in the first picture, the clothing they are wearing is very warm--where these guys live, it is so cold! I could never survive. :) 

Will post a few more tomorrow!


Vests & Diversity

Vests are a very common thing here to dress up your suit and/or to stay warm in the winter. You can see that these two guys are wearing two very different styled and colored vests. I'm unsure if the color/style means that they are from different parts of the country--I'll have to look that up. 

When I see diversity, I see beauty and creativity. These two gentlemen are from the same country, yet look so different, probably speak a different mother tongue, wear different clothes, and so forth; yet both are equally and wonderfully made in their own ways. I'm so thankful God made everyone so different. It makes life interesting.

I do hope and pray that everyone would have this mindset--that sectarian violence would end. That racism would end. To think that anyone is better than the other is just a lie. We are all people, made by God. The only difference I see is that God is greater than all of us created people! When we forget that, we are heading down a very dangerous road. 

Okay, rant over. :)


Bridal Wear

The bridal clothing here is elaborate, colorful, detailed and bold. 

I am honestly in love with all the bright colors and sequencing. 

However, knowing that just came out of my mouth makes me realize how much I've changed. Ask my Mom - I used to only wear solid, neutral colors with no patterns at all. My wedding colors were red, black and white. How simple can that get?! I was such a tomboy when I was younger.

Anyways, I digress. Bride's here have many outfits for their weddings, as weddings here are much longer than American weddings. All the weddings I've gone to have been at least three days long, with the bride and groom wearing something different each day. Amazing (and expensive!). Not sure how they pull it off without going into major debt.

Maybe, if someone is really nice to me, I will post a picture or two of Joshua and me in bridal wear. :) When we first visited about 5 years ago now(!!), our friend dressed me up in a lehenga (the name of the bridal dress), did my makeup, hair, nails--the works!--and then dressed up Joshua in the groom's outfit and had a photo shoot of us. :) It was fun and embarrassing. It was fun because I liked experiencing what it was like dressing up and at that time had no idea what it was like. It was embarrassing because the rest of the family (uncles, cousins, etc.) came over and for about an hour we had at least 10 sets of eyes on us while we took pictures. :) Oh living abroad! It's filled with so many embarrassing, yet wonderful moments!


Mustache Epidemic

So if you think that mustaches are a thing for the west've been mistaken. It's a worldwide trend (and no I didn't provide them - these students came with them!):

Here is one more from the photobooth:


This is a cultural dress from the Southern part of the country, I believe. The turban he is wearing on his head is called a "Pagri" (pronounced, puh-gree) and is quite common actually even where I live. They take a large scarf (called a dupatta) and wrap it around their head a few times and then tuck it in.

There's your cultural tidbit for the day. :)

Cultural Festival

Over the next week for my POTD (Photo of the Day) project, I am going to post some of the photos from the cultural festival. It was fun taking these photos and editing them. I feel like they turned out great!

Even though I only had one flash I feel like the lighting turned out okay. I was a bit nervous for this, but it worked! For portraits (like above) it was fine. It was the large groups that were a little tricky, but they still turned out fine.

The one thing I love about this photo booth we put together was the diversity of who came. You will see this as I post more photos. 

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We are the Same

So as I have been thinking about the purpose of my project, The Beauty of People, I feel like it comes down to a few things.

First, people are the same everywhere. I remember when I was younger starting university, I was terrified of people different than me. Especially people who looked much different than me and from different countries. I, for whatever reason, thought people that looked different than me were, for lack of a better word, 'aliens'. I was scared to talk with them and even more terrified to ask them questions. I feel ludicrous saying this now, but it really is how I truly felt. However, much time has passed and obviously I don't feel that way anymore! I have learned repeatedly how much we are all the same. We have the same basic needs, desires, goals for life and so forth. 

Secondly, I want to show people who might be afraid of other cultures, that there's nothing to be afraid of. Diversity is one of the most beautiful things we can ever experience. It shows us the creativity of God and a different perspective on life. Living where I live, I feel like I am constantly learning new ways of thinking and seeing things. It has opened my mind in a way that I never expected!

Thirdly, people are beautiful! I simply think that every person is beautiful and that should be showed off. 

I'm not quite sure where this project will go, but I want to post different pictures I take of people and if I can, tell their story. 

Looking forward to sharing the beauty of people with you!


Project Update & POTD


Here's today's photo of the day (POTD)! This silhouetted mosque was taken on a photo walk with some of my students. The sun was setting rapidly and I managed to snag this photo on the way out. 

And now for "The Beauty of People Project" update! 

@ashleytruckey via Instagram:  This is about to go down. #excited #beautyofpeopleproject #photoproject #vscocam

@ashleytruckey via Instagram: This is about to go down. #excited #beautyofpeopleproject #photoproject #vscocam

Yesterday was fun! I set up a booth at the cultural festival and took tons of photos. I had a few hiccups (like accidentally melting part of my umbrella with a light that had been placed overhead in the tent...!), but overall it was a hit! I'll be editing the photos this week and will be sending the photos to all of the students. I will be posting some online, of course, so be on the lookout for them! Here is one of me after the event. I was SO tired (although you can't tell it in this picture!).

Will post pictures from the event soon!