Look Up!

If you follow my personal Instagram account you’ll notice that I tend to take a lot of pictures of ceilings and the sky. I don’t know why my eyes are drawn to it, but I notice the patterns, shapes, and colors. Like this one below:

2018.10.09 - Architecture - Look Up.jpg

This was taken in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Behind me is the tallest building in the world (the Burj Khalifa), but I turned around and saw this building instead. :) This shows you my priorities! Anyways, I love the curves, the trees, the expansive sky, and all the lines. This is definitely what my eyes go towards!

I think one thing to glean from this though is to follow what you like to do and not what everyone else likes to do. Some people might have thought it strange that I was photographing the small building behind the Burj Khalifa, but it’s what my eyes were drawn to. I think it’s important to find your vision and calling and stick to it, even when it seems unconventional. Speaking of which, I have a blog post that I’m working on about this topic. Vision in whatever you create is so important, especially in light of how short our lives are. More to come on that soon!


Beautiful Mosque

This is one of the prettiest mosque's I've ever been to. It was made by Aurangzeb Alamgir, who was the sixth Mughal Emporer. The Mughal's built many of the architecture all across South Asia. Mughal architecture has many similarities, which I really enjoy. If you've read other blog posts from me, you will probably see how much I mention symmetry. I just love finding symmetry in the pictures I take!

I feel very blessed that I am able to see these sites, as many people in the world haven't seen them in person. Now you, reader, have at least seen them in my blogpost! 

You can see this mosque in a couple other blog posts: Three Words: Life. Is. Crazy. and Mosque in a Distance.

Hope that your Thursday has gone well! 


Looking Up in a Mosque

On the recent trip I've mentioned (the one with my department at our university) we went to a couple older mosques that were quite stunning. It still amazes me how people had such precision doing this by hand. And they made it so symmetrical at that!

This was me looking up into the dome part of the mosque--isn't it amazing? I can't even begin to imagine how long it took to do this! 

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


I See Things (Symmetry)

During my photography class, some of my students and I went on photo walks to practice our photography skills. It was fun going out around campus for about an hour of continuous shooting! For my time, I tried to look for symmetrical things around campus. I also looked for things that contrasted each other (in color, shape, etc.). I'll post those pictures tomorrow. Today, however, is symmetry!

I think it's good to constantly try to get better at your skill. If you aren't growing, you'll get outdated and stagnant. I don't want to be either of those words! Towards the end of last year I presented two project ideas for me to keep growing, but I think I have another one that I'd like to try. I'll announce it if it works. If it does--it'll be so awesome!

Thanks for stopping by!


Windows, Bricks and Symmetry, Oh My!

While walking around on campus I found this wall that I loved. I love the distressed look of the bricks, the symmetrical feel of the windows and how they're placed, and how the middle window is open. Perfect!

I have been thinking through my project ideas--"Break the Rules" and "Shooting in the Raw" and I still have yet to come to a decision. I have thought about it more and I've come up with two other ones! This is the problem with being a creative person--too many ideas and things you want to grow in! :) Does anyone else have that problem?

Anyways - time to lesson plan! Have a great day today!


Today is THE Day!

What day am I talking about? The photo exhibition! I am so stoked!

I am about to go and help hang all of the photos, get ready and at 4PM my time, it will begin. :) 

So today's photo of the day is of an auditorium. We had a "trivia" game among all of our students in our Intensive English program and this is where we had it. What immediately caught my eyes to take this photo was the symmetry. :)

After the event I will for sure post all the photos at the exhibition! :) And depending on how well my husband photographs, I might post some from the event, too. We'll see.

Have an amazing Friday! If you're in the US and are participating in Black Friday, good luck! :) I used to be one of those crazy people.