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April 2017 - Istanbul, Turkey

April 2017 - Istanbul, Turkey

I know that countless sunsets fill up the internet, but why not clog it up more with one I saw earlier this year! :)

Last April we had the chance to visit Turkey and we happened to be crossing this bridge right at sunset. It was seriously amazing and I took way too many photos! Seeing this again makes me remember the incredible feeling of viewing it firsthand, thanking God for being such a wonderful creator. It is seriously breathtaking! 

Hope that you are inspired by something in your day today that brings you encouragement and thankfulness. Have a good one!


A Lovely Setting

Howdy folks! This above photo was taken in Istanbul. It was the same spot as a previous post about a ship. We watched this ship pull out and I got a few shots of it in the water with the amazing scenery behind it. Istanbul really is, by far, one of my favorite cities in the world!

The last week has been a doosey--I feel as though I'm still recovering! To give an update to my previous post, we're submitting our documents today! It feels like it took forever to get to this point!

Hope you had a great weekend and hope that your week ahead is great as well!


Calm Sea

You have seen many like this photo on my blog before. This is from the southern part of Turkey off the Mediterranean Sea. It was such a beautiful place, filled with so much calmness and peace.

Hope your Sunday is filled with calmness and peace. Mine has been unfortunately loaded with housework and the like, but it's still a beautiful day. 


Tell A Story

One of the things I've been learning A LOT about lately is becoming a better story teller. While I am a photographer and take photos of many things, a photo is just a photo without a story behind it. Yes, a photo can speak 1,000 words, but it's good to tell the story behind the photo in order to experience the photo even more. Like this one:

What could this photo tell you? Maybe the ocean, sea, that I was somewhere beautiful, etc. All these things are true, but this is the story behind the photo:

While Joshua and I were eating lunch, we looked out over this water. Next to us, to the left where you cannot see, is a pebble beach. People were playing in the cool water, relaxing on beach chairs and having fun. The sounds were laughter, the sea lapping and boats buzzing by (as you see in the photo). The air was warm, but not too hot. There was a cool breeze that brought smells of sea and the food we were eating. 

While we ate, we relaxed, enjoyed the site, smells and sounds and we thanked God that we were able to be at such a place. We felt blessed that day.

Every picture has a story behind it. Maybe the story doesn't seem that exciting to you, but it's fun to relive what you experienced at that moment, a way to practice telling stories and a way to share it with others! Have a great day!


Drifting in the Water

When I see a picture like this, I imagine myself drifting in the water, rocking as the waves push the boat back and forth. The salty air permeating my senses as I hear the water lap against the boat--all the while gazing at the beauty of God's creation. 

Even though I'm not there, I can imagine it and be just as thankful! :) This is from the Southern part of Turkey.


I so wish I could live here!

I so wish I could live by this, so I could see it everyday! Isn't it beautiful?

This was in the Southern part of Turkey - such a wonderful place! The people were kind, the food was great, it was beautiful and there was so much to do.

I posted another photo like this one the other day. It was worth posting another photo like it today!


Turquoise Waters

One thing that I'm really missing now, since it's been almost 3 weeks since we returned from our trip, is the crystal turquoise waters that we swam in. While I despise the cold, it was so enjoyable to jump into the water from the boat, swim around, snorkel, etc.

One day, I'll meet this place again--I hope! What is the most beautiful ocean/sea that you've seen? I'd wager to say that the Southern coast of Turkey is my favorite so far. Of course, I haven't seen that many, so I don't know if I can truly say yet what is the most beautiful. I have my life to find that out! :)