Old Things

The Details

Sometimes when I look at older architecture, particularly at a time when everyone did everything by hand, I am amazed. This is all done by hand. I can't read Arabic, but I believe these are all scriptures from the Qur'an (which is the Muslim's holy book). Even all the painting and design you see are by hand. I could never do something like that! Can you imagine how much time that would have taken?!

I wonder if I tried to do something this detailed what would happen. Only thinking about that for a second, the first thought that comes to mind that I'd get bored really fast. :) I don't think I'm meant for that kind of work! I like details, but that is overly-detailed for me. 

What about you? Would you have the patience for that kind of work?

Regardless if you'd enjoy it or not, I hope you have a great Thursday! 



Full of Color

This my friends, is the Wazir Khan Mosque. It is probably one of the prettiest mosque's I've seen in South Asia (and again is made by the Mughals). It's just so beautiful and full of color--great for pictures! I believe I've posted other pictures from this place (you can find them here: Looking Up in a Mosque, Goodbye, for now!, and A Deep Longing).

Hope you have a terrific Monday today and that it won't be like the start of ours (a flat tire). 


Late, but better than never!

Well folks, let's just say that I have been avoiding my computer like the plague lately. I spend so much time on it normally that it's been so refreshing taking a step away. We have done many other activities--we've gone running, walked through wooded parks, played with dogs (Josh's uncle's), played Farkle and Phase 10 with Joshua's grandparents, watched TV, played piano, went to fun flea markets, baked cookies, and at other times, we've just sat on the porch with Joshua's grandparents drinking tea/coffee while having good conversation. It's been so chill--I have loved every minute of it. My life is anything but chill normally, so this is exactly what I need. Hence the reason for not turning on my laptop. :)

However, I woke up this morning with an itch to do more 'productive' things, so here I am!

This picture is of an old gate leading to a mosque. I decided to post process it to black and white because it made it look more dramatic. 

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're enjoying your summer days! 


Goodbye, for now!

So this will be my last post before leaving and might be for a few days until I get over the first onset of jet lag. We'll see how motivated I am to turn on my computer!

This was taken at a historic mosque near where I live. Probably one of my favorite places I've seen here! I love the colors, the flowers, the old wood, etc. 

Unfortunately, not much time for a blogpost today--so have a great Thursday! I will be back to report how the 20+ hour flight is and any other traveling woes we encounter on our way back to Texas! :) 

See you in the State's! :)


Colorful Painted Flowers

On this same historical trip (that I keep mentioning) that I went with my students on, I took this picture below:

This place was quite beautiful--probably one of my favorite places I've visited! It was colorful with painted flowers, old doors, distressed walls and a symmetrical layout. I wouldn't mind revisiting this place.

I woke up this morning with a horrible cold. I have still tried to work, but I just feel like someone has taken the wind out of me! I hope that it leaves before our travels to the U.S., otherwise that will be a miserable trip! 

Hope you enjoy your Friday and weekend! For me it's lots of packing and moving. Fun, fun, fun...! ;)


Old Doors

I love the look of these old doors!

I love the shapes, star/flower things in the center of the squares, the distressed look of the wood, etc. It even reminds me a little of the Kingdom of God. Not exactly because I would think that the door wouldn't be locked, but at least cracked open. I'll get one of those pictures one day for my Kingdom of God project!

Hope that you have a great day!

Three Words: Life. is. Crazy.

From the subject line you've gathered that my life is a bit overwhelming and out-of-hand these days. We got back from our trip this past Sunday and have been playing catch-up ever since. It doesn't help much that this is finals week for my students, I have a presentation to give on Saturday over "Creating Classroom Culture," and we are leaving again out of the country this coming Sunday. So as you can imagine....I have no time except all those things above (and even then I don't know how it will all get done!).

However, I do feel sad that I haven't posted in a while. So even though I'm unsure when I will post again, I wanted to post this picture for today's picture of the day:

This is from a historical site I visited recently. I have some new pictures to sort through from my recent trip, but haven't had a chance. There are some really fun ones in there I can't wait to show and explain.

Thanks for looking and hope that your week is not as busy as mine. Hope I can post again soon!


Back in the Day

Sometimes I see designs and artwork and I think - wow! How new, refreshing, pretty, etc. that is! But then I see things like below and realize how new it's not.

This was made in 1671....so these designs are quite old. It makes me realize that people don't always reinvent the wheel (like they think). It is good to come out with new things, but I think we have a lot to learn from the past in so many aspects. 

On another note, I'm gearing up for Friday's event and I'm stoked (you can read about what I'm doing here). I have decided to hang up a bunch of scarves as the background--I think that will be colorful and relevant to the culture. We'll see how it goes!

Hope you're having a good week. Can't believe it's already Wednesday.