The Details

Sometimes when I look at older architecture, particularly at a time when everyone did everything by hand, I am amazed. This is all done by hand. I can't read Arabic, but I believe these are all scriptures from the Qur'an (which is the Muslim's holy book). Even all the painting and design you see are by hand. I could never do something like that! Can you imagine how much time that would have taken?!

I wonder if I tried to do something this detailed what would happen. Only thinking about that for a second, the first thought that comes to mind that I'd get bored really fast. :) I don't think I'm meant for that kind of work! I like details, but that is overly-detailed for me. 

What about you? Would you have the patience for that kind of work?

Regardless if you'd enjoy it or not, I hope you have a great Thursday! 



Colorful Painted Flowers

On this same historical trip (that I keep mentioning) that I went with my students on, I took this picture below:

This place was quite beautiful--probably one of my favorite places I've visited! It was colorful with painted flowers, old doors, distressed walls and a symmetrical layout. I wouldn't mind revisiting this place.

I woke up this morning with a horrible cold. I have still tried to work, but I just feel like someone has taken the wind out of me! I hope that it leaves before our travels to the U.S., otherwise that will be a miserable trip! 

Hope you enjoy your Friday and weekend! For me it's lots of packing and moving. Fun, fun, fun...! ;)


Looking Up in a Mosque

On the recent trip I've mentioned (the one with my department at our university) we went to a couple older mosques that were quite stunning. It still amazes me how people had such precision doing this by hand. And they made it so symmetrical at that!

This was me looking up into the dome part of the mosque--isn't it amazing? I can't even begin to imagine how long it took to do this! 

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!



It's amazing what people can do here by hand! 

This is a man embroidering a shirt or shawl, using the little beads and thread to do so. The work is so intricate and he's doing everything by hand. I could never do this work! People love embroidered clothes here, so this is a very common thing actually.

I'm sure these days these guys are busy, as on holiday's everyone always wears a new outfit, shoes, jewelry and everything else. This is a new thing for me, because I have never liked spending money on clothes, nor have I cared about wearing new things on special days (except maybe my birthday), but here, it's a big deal. 

I'm sure the shirt above was probably for an extremely special event, like a wedding. And I'm sure it was really expensive, too.