Clarke & Elaina | Engagement Portrait

I had the pleasure recently to do an engagement shoot while traveling in Europe. It wasn’t planned and I haven’t shot an engagement shoot in a while, but I found the approach to this kind of portrait came back quickly. I forgot how much fun it is for me to capture couples interacting together. Honestly, it was a nice change from my masters project work on many levels! Below are some of my favorites from the shoot—enjoy!

2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 01.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 02.jpg

One thing I love about this top left image is the metaphor of getting married as “tying the knot” and the rope that is tied on the pole behind them.

They both have such great smiles and look so good together! They made my job easy. :)

2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 03.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 13.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 05.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 04.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 06.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 14.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 07.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 08.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 09.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 12.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 11.jpg
2018.10.02 - Clarke & Elaina - for blog 10.jpg

I love the way these came out and am so thankful it worked out for me to do their photos. Excited for you Clarke and Elaina! Thanks for including me in your beginnings as Mr. and Mrs.! :)


A Needed Break + Engagement Session

The last two weeks have been a breath of fresh air! Since finishing up my MA I have barely touched my camera, I haven't posted on my social media accounts until today, and I have not given much thought to really anything related to school or even photography. It's been freeing! I think somewhere in the back of my mind I'm expecting for the next module to begin soon....but it's not going to, so that will be an odd feeling. It's strange that something that has been a constant in my life the last two years is now complete. 

Even though I haven't been thinking about photography very much, while traveling recently I was able to do an engagement shoot. I have begun working on editing those and it has been a treat! I haven't done too many of these kinds of portrait sittings in the last two years--it's been mostly photo shoots for my project, which has a very different focus and feel to them. I found myself having to relearn how I did these kinds of sessions in the past. It came very quickly though and we had a blast doing the shoot together. I forget how much I enjoy these kinds of sessions. 

Here's a sneak peek of one of the photos:

2018.09.10 - C&E Sneak Peek.jpg

Soon, I am hoping I can begin diving into some new projects, but this break has really been needed. I'm unbelievably grateful for the opportunity of getting my MA in Photography--honestly I sometimes have to pinch myself that it actually happened. It's not every day that you get to pursue what you're passionate about, so I feel very fortunate. I also have great expectations for the future and what I will do with it. We'll see what pans out.

I'll be posting here more soon, so be on the lookout. 


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Rob & Heidi | Engagement Session + A Baby! :)

Rob and Heidi are such a fun and loving couple. Heidi contacted me through my website and I was so excited when I got the email from her! She had a fun vision for what she wanted these pictures to look like - desert scenery, rustic, western feel, etc. I really feel like we were able to capture all of that on camera with the place we went to, which was Scorpion Gulch. It's literally right next to South Mountain - such a cool place! If you are a photographer (whether or not you shoot people or just shoot places or things) this is a MUST place to go! It has so much character.

It was so much fun meeting them, hearing how they got together and fell in love, and seeing their little 10-month old son, John! He was so cute. These pictures truly display the love they have for each other and I am so blessed to see that and be a small part of it.

Without futher adieu, here are the pictures! :)

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 01.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 02.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 03.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 04.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 05.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 06.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 07.jpg

You are gorgeous, Heidi!

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 08.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 09.jpg

Love the upper left photo! John is just giggling and Rob is having just as much fun! :) So cute!

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 10.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 11.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 12.jpg

Love how you can see through three windows/doors in the picture to the left! :)

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 13.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 14.jpg

One of my faves from the shoot! Love the lens glare, the lighting, the colors--everything! :)

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 15.jpg

Congrats Rob & Heidi on your engagement! :) Excited for you guys. 

Thanks for looking!


Josh & Jennifer | Engaged!

This session was much fun. I met Josh through his sister Rachel (who is a wedding beautician - check her out here) who I went to college with. Josh wanted to propose to his girlfriend and then take pictures afterwards. After a few emails we had it all set up at the Omni Hotel in Ft. Worth.

Let me tell you - it was so sweet being able to watch him propose to Jennifer! I was very thankful that I was able to document their first few hours engaged! :)

The Omni was sure beautiful that day. I couldn't help but snap a few of the actual building.

This first picture was right before he proposed. Unfortunately, I was changing my position because I couldn't see her face and he decided to go down on one knee!! 

This next picture, you can tell Jennifer is on cloud nine! I was too right after my hubs proposed to me. It's such a sweet time! :) 

I don't know why, but I love this next picture! 

NICE job on the ring Josh! It's gorgeous! 

CONGRATS Josh and Jennifer!

Arun | Engaged

Riding public transportation to and from work makes life interesting at times. You see all kinds of things and meet all kinds of people. Sometimes it's pretty comical (like the time I saw a guy working out on one of the rails on the DART rail...talk about AWKWARD!) and sometimes it's really sad and wish I could somehow stop what's happening (like the time I saw this man harassing this woman...it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable). It's interesting every day!

Arun is someone that I met when riding my bus to work everyday. We became great friends over the past year and he is now getting married! yay! 

Since Arun is from India, he's getting married in India. I wish I could go. It would be an amazing experience.

Since Arun is in the US right now, they need some pictures of him to send to India and he asked me! What an honor! So these are just a few pictures of Arun around the city! My husband Josh came along with us as well, and that was even more fun. Josh put me up on his shoulders a few times. That was pretty awesome. :)

I digress...enjoy the pictures and CONGRATS Arun! I can't WAIT to meet your bride! 

Feel free to leave a comment - I'd LOVE to hear from you!


So...what's so significant about the 13th?? It's the day he's getting MARRIED! :) I love it! 



If you haven't noticed already, Arun really likes to smile and laugh. It's pretty contagious too, when you're around him. 



Thanks for looking! I love having comments on my blog, so feel free to leave Arun some love!