Nathan & Allison | Maternity Portrait

This shoot was fun! I haven't done a maternity portrait in years, actually, and I had such a fun photographing these two. Meet my younger sister, Allison, who is due April 14th with her first son, Zachary. I can't wait to meet him!

It was very hard for me to choose these photos, so I'm sharing a lot today. :) ENJOY!

My Mom was the "Prop Queen" at this shoot. She kept handing us things to photograph with Allison's tummy. It made this shoot so interesting and fun though--so good job Mom! Thanks!

Allison really likes to smile and laugh. It was fun photographing that quality of hers. :)

I really like Nathan. He has a kind heart that cares deeply. That's one of the first things I saw when I met him the first time. Allison has a keeper!

Love the lines in this above picture! And the lens glare! The sun was so beautiful that day!

I just LOVE the colors in the above photo! 

Congrats Nathan and Allison! Love you both a ton!


A Family Photo Shoot

Last year I had done several family photo shoots for other expats in our city and then I failed to post them online! Whoops. Anyways, I still want to post them because they are too cute not to share. 

This family is very dear to my heart and I'm so thankful that God allowed us to get to know each other over the last couple years. 

What's amazing is how much these kids have grown since I took these pictures! When I look at these pictures and then look at their kids in person, I am amazed at how big they are! I hope you enjoy these. It's much different than what I normally post these days! 

At this point, the kids started having small meltdowns, so it was amazing we got two of them to look at the camera! :)

Thanks for looking! Tomorrow I will be back to posting the photo of the day!


Family, Family, Family!

I'm going to take a break from my normal photo of the day (POTD) and post something that happened towards the end of last year--a family portrait! I actually did three of these and never have gotten around to posting them. I guess that tells you how busy I am!

I have known this family prior to their kiddos and they are awesome people. We just love them and are so excited to see their family grow. I did pictures for them once in the past and you can see those here!

It's amazing to see how much their kids have grown--their middle child was a baby when we last did pictures!

One thing I do love about this family is their willingness to try things, even if it feels silly. In our last shoot we got a jumping picture and we followed suit in this one. :) I love that their kids got into it, too! 

This was a nice change from the normal posts. Maybe I'll post the other two family portraits I've recently done soon. :)


Cute Babies & Project Ideas

I currently have three shoots that I have done that I need to post! I have been so busy that even posting one picture a day has been a stretch (yet, I have done it)! This is one from a shoot I did back in September. Such an awesome family (and they have a really cute baby!)!

Also, now that the photo exhibition is done...I feel like I need to do another project. I have two brewing around in my mind. 

1. Break the Rules: This project would actually focus on breaking the rules of photography to just create artwork without caring what others think. :) So that might include (but is not limited to) out of focus photos, strange positioning of subjects, etc.! Not sure all what it means yet, but I'm thinking for the new year this might be my project.

2. Shooting in the Raw: I feel like now-a-days photos are photoshopped WAY too much! What is real anymore? Yes, sometimes photoshopping really adds to the photo, but what happened to learning your camera well to produce excellent photos? I want to grow in this area, so I've had the idea of taking photos....and not editing them. *gulp* AT ALL. I'm a little nervous about this one. It'll take some stretching on my part to show you work without edits. However, I want to prove that good pictures don't have to have editing. 

What do you think? Which project do you like? Tell me! Vote here (and like my page while you're at it if you haven't already!)!


Children + Giggles = Joy

Taking a short break from my travel photography posts to share a photo I took sometime last year of one of my good friend's baby. :) She is so precious! She really enjoys her two fingers on her left hand (as you can see)--in fact there's not too many times that I haven't seen her without them in her mouth! :)


While at a birthday party, she was laying on the floor and I was trying really hard to make her laugh. When kids laugh it always fills you with joy! You can see it in her eyes that she's smiling--and if I recall correctly I think she did giggle aloud. However, her hands never left her face. :) Love it!


WEEK 30-33 52 {Inspiring} Photos A Year

Anyone know what these are?

WEEK 30: 

Canon 5D Mark II - Canon 50mm f/1.4 f/5.0 - 1/30 - ISO 640

Canon 5D Mark II - Canon 50mm f/1.4
f/5.0 - 1/30 - ISO 640

They are one of Josh's favorite fruits! It's called Rambutan. They are very colorful on the outside with all the spikey things coming off of it, and the inside is white. They are juicy and sweet. They are GREAT on a hot day. 

WEEK 31:

Canon 5D Mark II - Canon 50mm f/1.4 f/2.8 - 1/2500 - ISO 400

Canon 5D Mark II - Canon 50mm f/1.4
f/2.8 - 1/2500 - ISO 400

While walking around a beautiful park I just happened to see these branches hanging down and I loved the colors and lighting. 

WEEK 32: 

Canon 5D Mark II - Canon 50mm f/1.4 f/2.8 - 1/800 - ISO 400

Canon 5D Mark II - Canon 50mm f/1.4
f/2.8 - 1/800 - ISO 400

The great thing about this city is all the history! You can see any time period from the 15th century all the way up. The colors and textures are amazing. Love it. This is an old mosque that has been preserved at Lodhi Gardens. It no longer works as a mosque, but you can go and look around it and appreciate everything about it.

WEEK 33: 

Canon 5D Mark II - Canon 50mm f/1.4 f/1.4 - 1/1000 - ISO 200

Canon 5D Mark II - Canon 50mm f/1.4
f/1.4 - 1/1000 - ISO 200

This little girl is adorable. Some friends of ours from the State's are here and we've been hanging out with them lately. This is one of their daughters. We were having fun at a park and I happened to get her attention to look up and this is how the picture came out! Love it. She's really sweet. Unfortunately I didn't get her smiling--which would make you smile as well--but this one still captures her beauty. :)  

Thanks for checking these out! Can't believe that I'm already on week 34 for this week. That means there are only 17 more weeks left of this year! Crazy how fast time flies! 

Enjoy your Saturday!


Rob & Heidi | Engagement Session + A Baby! :)

Rob and Heidi are such a fun and loving couple. Heidi contacted me through my website and I was so excited when I got the email from her! She had a fun vision for what she wanted these pictures to look like - desert scenery, rustic, western feel, etc. I really feel like we were able to capture all of that on camera with the place we went to, which was Scorpion Gulch. It's literally right next to South Mountain - such a cool place! If you are a photographer (whether or not you shoot people or just shoot places or things) this is a MUST place to go! It has so much character.

It was so much fun meeting them, hearing how they got together and fell in love, and seeing their little 10-month old son, John! He was so cute. These pictures truly display the love they have for each other and I am so blessed to see that and be a small part of it.

Without futher adieu, here are the pictures! :)

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 01.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 02.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 03.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 04.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 05.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 06.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 07.jpg

You are gorgeous, Heidi!

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 08.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 09.jpg

Love the upper left photo! John is just giggling and Rob is having just as much fun! :) So cute!

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 10.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 11.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 12.jpg

Love how you can see through three windows/doors in the picture to the left! :)

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 13.jpg
2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 14.jpg

One of my faves from the shoot! Love the lens glare, the lighting, the colors--everything! :)

2012 - Rob & Heidi Engagment for blog 15.jpg

Congrats Rob & Heidi on your engagement! :) Excited for you guys. 

Thanks for looking!