Emily | Baby Portrait

If you've been following me lately, you will notice most of my pictures are travel oriented. Back in the day (about 5-6 years ago) I was primarily doing lifestyle portraits, which included families, babies, engagements, etc. It was a fun and exciting time that really set me up well for where I'm at today.

So when my friend, Mary Kathryn, approached me about doing her baby's portrait, I jumped on the chance. To be completely honest, I was a little nervous since I hadn't done one of these in so long! However, despite my nervousness I feel like these turned out well! 

Thanks Mary Kathryn, for giving me the opportunity to take pictures of your beautiful daughter!

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Meet Kaycee | Weekly Portrait Project

I really enjoyed meeting Kaycee this past January in Washington. I met her through her sister, which is a good friend of mine, and I felt so blessed to meet and hear more about her life. 

That's what I love about this project. Taking photos of people, hearing their stories and learning about the experiences people go through is both stretching and encouraging. It reminds me of how we are all so similar--we might all have different stories, but we are all humans desiring to make a difference. 

To be encouraged by Kaycee's story, read below!

2016.02.17-Weekly Portrait Project.jpg

For seventeen years I was the youngest of four girls. I thought a lot about having younger siblings, but never really thought it would happen. At the age of seventeen we started foster care, which I loved, but it was also heart breaking when we had to say goodbye. Then at the age of nineteen, in November 2012, our family’s adoption of two siblings from Uganda was finalized and they got to come home! For the first time I had younger siblings, and for the first time I had a brother. A little over a year ago another adoption went through and we gained another brother, this time from Ethiopia.

Many times when people find out how many siblings I have, 16 (including foster siblings), they react in shock and they go on to say how in awe they are with what my family has done. For me it always throws me when they say these things. I never thought about how much it takes for what we do. It’s just what we do. We say yes to God. Especially with my adoptive siblings, I could not possibly imagine not having them. At times, it’s like we have all been a family forever and that there is no difference between us. The way my family is put together has been such a blessing and has shaped me to be the way I am. 


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Meet Eliza | Weekly Portrait Project

This sweet girl is so kindhearted. I met her when we visited her parents in Kentucky. I took a picture of her while we were walking through their backyard (which is basically a large hill that leads to open grassy land) and asked her mom to write something about her. 

In her Mom's words, "Eliza Vine loves life. She draws bright, fun pictures with lots of color. That's how she sees the world." You can tell by her smile how true this is!

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A Family Photo Shoot

Last year I had done several family photo shoots for other expats in our city and then I failed to post them online! Whoops. Anyways, I still want to post them because they are too cute not to share. 

This family is very dear to my heart and I'm so thankful that God allowed us to get to know each other over the last couple years. 

What's amazing is how much these kids have grown since I took these pictures! When I look at these pictures and then look at their kids in person, I am amazed at how big they are! I hope you enjoy these. It's much different than what I normally post these days! 

At this point, the kids started having small meltdowns, so it was amazing we got two of them to look at the camera! :)

Thanks for looking! Tomorrow I will be back to posting the photo of the day!


Backflips in the Desert

When we visited our friends in Dubai, they took us to the desert (as seen in my previous post). Our friend is pretty awesome for many reasons, but one really cool thing he can do is a backflip from a standing position, as seen below:


I am not the acrobatic type, so this seems insane to me, but he managed it with no issues and even did it a few times for us. I thought it would be fun to share as a moving photo (although I wasn't using a tripod so you can see that I moved in the process of taking the photo).

Fun times! Can any of you do this?!


Bekah | A Senior/Family Shoot!

A little over a week ago while in Dallas I was able to meet up with a wonderful family to do a senior shoot and a few family shots. I met Bekah's Mom whenever I went through Celebrate Recovery at our church. Since I was going to be in Dallas for a week, she contacted me and we were able to work it out for me to do Bekah's Senior pictures! We had tons of fun! This family is wonderful. I really also enjoyed being with Bekah - she is a sweetheart! She has a beautiful smile and heart--I really enjoyed getting to know her the few hours I was with her. Hopefully these pictures will reflect the beauty I saw in her! 

We started in Prairie Creek Park and ended up in Deep Ellum. Time for pictures!


Thanks for checking it out! Leave a comment below! Congrats Bekah!! It was wonderful to finally meet you!


8 Days Left 'til our Depature! | Personal

T his picture is from our trip to South Asia in 2010.

This picture is from our trip to South Asia in 2010.

I love going overseas. The smells (some great, some very bad), the interactions, the FOOD (YUM!), the people, the way of life, the colors, the excitement of feeling like life is upside down, etc. I just love it all! 

We are about to embark on a trip to Thailand and we are counting down days and hours. :) It will be a total of 21 hours in the air and a total of at least 30 hours traveling with the layover. Sounds exhausting, but so exciting! :)

This trip is two fold--we have a conference/training we're going to there and secondly since we have to go anyways, why not take some time and see the country? So we're meeting some friends there and we're going to explore a bit before the conference. Kind of sad, but I think I'm more excited about Thai food more than anything. It is one of the genres of food I could eat almost every day (Vietnamese is another one)!

I'm hoping to take some interesting photos and post them on my blog here, so be looking for them! Hope you have an awesome week! Hope to post an interesting photo for this week soon. I have a few ideas up my sleeve I want to try out. :)