Nathan & Allison | Maternity Portrait

This shoot was fun! I haven't done a maternity portrait in years, actually, and I had such a fun photographing these two. Meet my younger sister, Allison, who is due April 14th with her first son, Zachary. I can't wait to meet him!

It was very hard for me to choose these photos, so I'm sharing a lot today. :) ENJOY!

My Mom was the "Prop Queen" at this shoot. She kept handing us things to photograph with Allison's tummy. It made this shoot so interesting and fun though--so good job Mom! Thanks!

Allison really likes to smile and laugh. It was fun photographing that quality of hers. :)

I really like Nathan. He has a kind heart that cares deeply. That's one of the first things I saw when I met him the first time. Allison has a keeper!

Love the lines in this above picture! And the lens glare! The sun was so beautiful that day!

I just LOVE the colors in the above photo! 

Congrats Nathan and Allison! Love you both a ton!


Winter Mini Sessions!! | Promotional

Winter Minis - Nov&Dec.jpg

 If you're in the Phoenix, Arizona area until December 9th, the Dallas, Texas area from the 12th-16th or in the Houston, Texas area from the 16th to the 31st, and you want a photograph for your Christmas card or just some updated pictures of your family, this is the perfect deal! Please shoot me an email if you're interested!**

**This does NOT include Weddings & Bridal Portraits.

Christmas Mini Sessions!

Looking for pictures for your Christmas card? Want new pictures of your family this year? Got engaged (or about to be engaged)? Been married for 30 years and want new pictures of you and your spouse? 

This is your day! Check out the flyer below:

2010 Christmas Promo.jpg

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Archive Photo of the Week | Archive Photos

This archive photo is a 'blast from the past' photo. So, I've only been doing photography since October of 2008 (first maternity portrait) and God has surely blessed it! I have enjoyed every minute of it.

So, what I decided to do, was post a picture from my first two shoots! 

It's interesting to look at where I started and where I'm at now. It's crazy to me to think that I have grown so much in one year, and really, 2009 is when it all started for me. October 2008 is when I did my first shoot, and then starting in January, it just exploded thanks to my friend Samantha. She is such an encourager and great friend. I appreciate you!

So the first shoot I ever did was Samantha's maternity pictures:

2010 First Sessions for blog 01.jpg

And the second shoot I ever did was Nathan's business pictures:

2010 Nathan Slaughter For Blog 01.jpg

Fun times. It's good to remember where you came from and why you started in the first place. I know I just absolutely love photography and love people. Mix the two and you have the perfect job. :)

Have a great Wednesday!


The Chumley's | Maternity Portrait

WARNING: This couple is full of smiles, laughter, and extreme cuteness! Beware of laughing and smiling yourself because of the contagious smiles in these pictures!

Meet the Chumley's! I LOVE this couple so much. They are some of our dearest friends back in good ol' Texas! Before moving to Arizona, we were able to stay at their home and see some of their last days being pregnant before Conner was born (which he was just recently born! Yay!).

We have known this couple for about three years now and they were apart of our community group. Kind of funny, but I did all the maternity pictures for each girl in our group (See them here: Samantha, Jennifer, & Julia). It is interesting that each shoot is a completely different one. It's fun!

Anyways, enjoy these pictures. I have loved every minute of them!

2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 01.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 02.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 03.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 04.jpg

So we tried doing a more serious photo, and the previous pictures showed how much they couldn't stop smiling and laughing! Finally we got a serious one...

2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 05.jpg

Only to get another laughing one! It didn't last long!!

2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 06.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 07.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 08.jpg

This one is one of my favorites. I love using props. They add so much to pictures!

2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 09.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 10.jpg

Ashley is gorgeous - love the beautiful eyes. They stand out so much in the color picture.

2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 11.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 12.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 13.jpg

Another one of my favorites. They just look perfect for each other, huh! Beautiful!

2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 14.jpg

Another serious turning into laughing. :) Ha!

2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 15.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 16.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 17.jpg

Look at that belly! :)

2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 18.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 19.jpg
2010 - Chumley Mat For Blog 20.jpg

And lastly, another one of my favorites! I think we were all rolling on the floor laughing after this one!! 

Love you Phillip and Ash - I'm so excited for the little bundle of joy you have began to take care of. I can't wait to meet him one day!


2009 in a Glance

2009 has come and gone folks! It's crazy to me how fast time has flown and we are now in 2010! I never thought 2010 would come!! ha!

In the year 2009 I met some of the most amazing people who really impacted my life! It was so much fun being a part of their lives and showing the beauty of their life with my camera.

This year was a lot of 'firsts' - my first engagement sessions, weddings, children's, and more. It was a year of challenge as I was in situations where I had never been before (extremely dark lighting, etc). It also was a challenge to learn how to balance my full time job, photography and several other things.

But, I made it! And on to a new year with so many exciting possibilities!!

I wanted to celebrate the year of 2009 by showing my favorites from all the shoots I did. I hope you enjoy and thank YOU for making this year!

Jay & Julia | Maternity

It was a normal day with our community group. We were sharing a meal together; all squished around a table that normally seats 7-8 people (there were 12 of us) as we heard the great news of “The Wells are having a baby!”

It was very exciting.  Not too long before that day, another girl in our group had announced that she was pregnant. At that time, there were officially two women pregnant in our group, a baby a few months old and two of us that were not pregnant, nor had never been pregnant (including myself).

It's such a fun time when all of your friends are pregnant. At least, I think it is. :)

Anyways, the Wells told me from the beginning that they wanted me to do their maternity pictures. I’ve done the maternity pictures of every single woman in our group and I figured, why not keep the tradition going? ;) You can see Samantha’s here and Jen’s here. In fact, interestingly enough, Samantha was my first ever photo shoot!

The session was a blast! Hanging out with the Wells is already awesome, so adding my camera in that mix made it a lot of fun!

Julia is due sometime next week, so I can't wait to meet the new addition to their family.

Jay and Julia – You’re going to make awesome parents. I can’t wait to meet your little one! He/She is going to be wonderful!


I love these two pics of Morgan (their dog). She just loves Jay and Julia tons!

This next photo makes me crack up. :) I love you guys! 

 I love the 'sweetness' of this next picture.

JULIA! You are SO stunning!! Your eyes are so beautiful! :) 


Congrats Jay and Julia!

Julia | Baby Shower

I've never been to a shower before that was so detailed. It was beautiful. They had everything from diaper 'cakes' to baby clothes hanging delicately from a string infront of a large window. It was beautiful!

Julia is one of the girls in my community group from church. It seems that every single girl in my community group is now pregnant or had a baby within the past year or so...except me. :) While I'd love to be a part of this 'bonding experience,' God has His perfect timing and I'm not worrying about it whatsoever. I figure that when God blesses my womb, it'll happen. Until then, I will enjoy life without kids with my lovely husband. As well, I have to remind myself that all of the people in my group, for the most part, are at least 2-3 years older than I am. That 2-3 years makes a huge difference!

Julia asked me to do pictures at her shower and it was a lot of fun. It was a great joy to be able to help in this way.

Anyways, enough of my rambling! Here are some pics of my beautiful friends!

A little bit of gift opening. It was fun seeing Julia's expressions to each of the gifts. :) 

We had a few games - this one was fun watching. Basically, this was 4 oz of chocolate milk in the bottle. The first person who drank all of the milk one. It's a LOT harder than it looks (apparently - I didn't participate). I'll take their word for it, though. ;) 


This won't be the last of Julia that you will see. Up in the next post will be her maternity pictures. They were SO much fun to do! :) So keep watch for them!

Congrats Julia!! I know you will make an amazing Mom!!!