Jason + Gloria | Tying the Knot! :)

Jason and Gloria are such a fun couple. When I first met them in a little coffee shop in Tempe, Arizona after Gloria first emailed me, I was so inspired by the love they had for each other. I think I said that about five times in our meeting, as well! I just could see it exuding out of both of them, as we talked about how they met and what they dreamed about for their wedding day.

I'm SO thankful that I was able to be there for their beautiful day. I don't think I could stop smiling that entire day! As well, I have to mention the hospitality of this couple!! I didn't feel like the wedding photographer at this wedding--I felt like I had known them for years. I left feeling like I had celebrated the wedding of close friends. Thank you Gloria and Jason for making me feel so welcome! I had so much fun. Hope you cherish these pictures forever.

Enough of my gabbing...

The ceremony was at the beautiful Danforth Chapel on ASU Campus. The reception was held at the Hackett House off Mill Avenue in Tempe.

Here's some shots! :) 

2011 - Gloria & Jason - 01 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 02 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 03 for blog.jpg

The Bride is here! :) 

2011 - Gloria & Jason - 04 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 05 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 06 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 07 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 08 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 09 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 10 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 10.5 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 11 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 12 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 13 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 14 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 15 for blog.jpg

Such a cute entrance to the reception! :) It was a happy day.

2011 - Gloria & Jason - 16 for blog.jpg

Love the simplicity and elegance of the decorations. Gloria made all of them. Such a talented woman! :)

2011 - Gloria & Jason - 17 for blog.jpg

LOVE the cake. She even made this cake topper. Beautiful!

2011 - Gloria & Jason - 18 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 19 for blog.jpg
2011 - Gloria & Jason - 20 for blog.jpg

What a fun day! :) Thanks for looking!!

Stay tuned for many more pictures of a few families! 


Jason + Gloria | Wedding SNEAK PEEK!

So I just had a TON of fun shooting Jason & Gloria's wedding and as I was looking through the photos, this one definitley caught my eye and I HAD to edit and post it!

2011 - Gloria & Jason - Sneak Peak.jpg

Such a beautiful bride!! :)

I will be posting more soon so be on the lookout!


Jessica + Jason | Wedding

Meet Jessica and Jason! :) I was asked by James Almanza to second shoot this lovely wedding and it was a blast. Thank you James for asking me to shoot with you.

The venue they chose was The Farm at South Mountain. It was SUCH a beatiful spot! It's a gem in the middle of desert Phoenix! I hadn't seen that much grass and trees since living in Texas! :) ha! I'm now getting used to the rock front and back yards and dust. :) Oh, and how can you forget the 100+ degree weather in May? :) 

Anyways, I digress! I hope you enjoy these few shots that I got of this lovely couple. Jessica and Jason, I wish you the best! Thank you for allowing me to come on board with James and share your special day. I hope you cherish the photos we took forever.

Enough of my blabbering - here are some shots! :)

2011-Jason+Jessica 01.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 02.jpg

They had a super cute candy buffet all decorated up!

2011-Jason+Jessica 03.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 04.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 04-5.jpg

So I had the privlege of photographing Jason on his wedding day, while James photographed Jessica. So guys can get ready really fast I learned! :)

2011-Jason+Jessica 05.jpg

Jessica was so beautiful walking down the aisle! Loved her dress. The beadwork on her dress, on the right side where all the fabric gathers, it's actually from her mother's dress. It was a beautiful touch, I think.

2011-Jason+Jessica 06.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 07.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 08.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 09.jpg

You can tell Jason is so happy here! :)

2011-Jason+Jessica 10.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 11.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 12.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 13.jpg

Ring shots! Fun fun fun! :)

2011-Jason+Jessica 14.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 15.jpg

They had a 'cupcake' cake. It was very tasty, too! :) 

2011-Jason+Jessica 16.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 17.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 18.jpg

Thanks for looking!


Christmas Mini Sessions!

Looking for pictures for your Christmas card? Want new pictures of your family this year? Got engaged (or about to be engaged)? Been married for 30 years and want new pictures of you and your spouse? 

This is your day! Check out the flyer below:

2010 Christmas Promo.jpg

Looking forward to hearing from you!


2009 in a Glance

2009 has come and gone folks! It's crazy to me how fast time has flown and we are now in 2010! I never thought 2010 would come!! ha!

In the year 2009 I met some of the most amazing people who really impacted my life! It was so much fun being a part of their lives and showing the beauty of their life with my camera.

This year was a lot of 'firsts' - my first engagement sessions, weddings, children's, and more. It was a year of challenge as I was in situations where I had never been before (extremely dark lighting, etc). It also was a challenge to learn how to balance my full time job, photography and several other things.

But, I made it! And on to a new year with so many exciting possibilities!!

I wanted to celebrate the year of 2009 by showing my favorites from all the shoots I did. I hope you enjoy and thank YOU for making this year!

Mary | The Bride

Mary is a gorgeous person. I had the privlege of doing her engagment pictures (you can see those here), her bridal portraits, and today her wedding! I am excited that I can finally post these pictures!

I met Mary at my workplace when I first begain working here over a year ago. In last February 2009, she got engaged and she chose me to do her wedding photography. It was such a blessing to me to be able to capture her beauty and her fiancés love for her.

These are her bridal portraits. She is getting married today at this beautiful chapel in Ft. Worth. So be on the lookout for her wedding pictures, as they will be coming soon.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!

The picture to the left is my favorite from the shoot. I love her smile, her dress - everything! She's gorgeous! 

Thanks for looking! Leave Mary some love on the comments! :)

Congrats Mary!! You're stunning!