Where Have I Been?

Well hello there! After almost 10 months of not posting on this blog, I have decided to begin posting daily again. I have so much to share about my project and where I'm headed as a photographer. 

First off, what am I up to these days? Well, I'm no longer in South Asia, but the Middle East! We have shifted due to some opportunities Joshua has found business-wise and with my online MA I don't have to be in one specific place, so we moved. This has been a very recent change (we only moved 12 days ago!) and we're still adjusting, settling in, and trying to figure out this new country and culture. To be honest though, I feel like once you've lived in South Asia you're about ready for anything. ;)

My project on fatherhood has progressed incredibly since my last post in January. I'll be posting some of the photo shoots on here in the coming days and look forward to sharing these with you. I'd love to get your feedback on my project and the trajectory it is heading in.

I also will continue posting images from our travels--we traveled a lot this year and I have much to share! Alongside this, I have much to share about what I'm learning in my MA on this blog. I have grown so much as a photographer and storyteller this year and I want to invite you into my findings.

So, much is ahead, friend, so keep on the lookout about what's going on! I'll leave you with this image from one of my more recent photoshoots from my project on fatherhood. 

2017.10.22 - Where Have I Been - TLP.jpg

I'll explain more about the direction of the project in the coming days, but feel free to follow the project's Instagram feed in the meantime!