Update on Life

Ever since my Masters program began, I have not been very faithful to posting on this blog. My apologies! I would like to put some plan into place, but as you know in your own life, certain priorities take precedence over others and unfortunately this blog is not necessarily required for daily life. Although I would argue to say that this blog does help me in many ways, like processing ideas, getting my work out there, and interacting with other creatives. 

So what have I been up to since my last blogpost (in November?!)? A lot!

My first semester of grad life is down in the books. I had a scare though--I didn't realize there was a huge grading difference between the State's and the UK and let's just say I had a mini-heart attack when I first saw my grade. Fortunately an academic adviser contacted me to explain the system and made everything clearer for me. Although when I look at my final grade, I still feel like I didn't do well. After 16 years of using one system, it's hard to wrap your mind around what is good and not. Apparently I did do well, so I'll take their word for it. :)

We celebrated Christmas and New Years. I purposefully stepped back from grad work after the course ended and tried to enjoy the festivities. It was a lot of fun, although so different than celebrating in the State's. Sometimes I enjoy celebrating in a culture that doesn't widely celebrate Christmas because it really makes you consider why you're celebrating in the first place. While I missed family and friends, I'm glad we were here!

Trying to catch up on neglected tasks and projects. After my program ended there was so much I needed to catch up on and do (i.e. email!). I'm slowly getting through everything, but as you know, there is always more work to do. 

Photographically speaking, this break I didn't do much other than personal pictures of the holiday's. What I would like to share are some images from my portfolio in progress for my program. These are towards my project on Fatherhood. 

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I can begin regularly posting again soon!