Meet Amanda! | Portrait Project

Before we left the State's, I had taken a couple of portraits that I wanted to share on my blog. So without further adieu, meet my sister, Amanda!

Canon 5D Mark II; 50mm f/1.4  |  f/2.2, 1/400 sec, ISO-500

Canon 5D Mark II; 50mm f/1.4  |  f/2.2, 1/400 sec, ISO-500

"The best experience I have ever had was having kids. They are so entertaining and fun to be around." Amanda told me, as I asked her about the best experience in her life. 

My nieces and I being silly. |  Nexus 5X

My nieces and I being silly. | Nexus 5X

Amanda has two daughters, Haelee and Savannah, which are the cutest, most hilarious, and loving kids ever (yes, they are my nieces, but I most genuinely say this :). They're a joy to be around and add so much life to the room when they're present.

"Haelee says some hilarious stuff and Vannah does too. I love being a mom--it's such an honor to be the mom of these two girls." Amanda is really good with her kids, too--when you see them together, you clearly see the adoration of her two girls towards their mom.

I know my sister well, but I asked anyway about what some of her passions are and it's fun that photography runs in my family so much! She told me: "I love is photography. There is so much you can do with it. It's awesome to start off with a picture and create something beautiful out of it." 

Amanda has been photographing weddings and portraits for some time now and loves it. Our love for photography began about the same time and although we're passionate about different topics in this field, we still love to take photo walks together with our mom when I'm in town. This picture of her, actually, is from the last photo walk we took together before I left.

Thanks Amanda for letting me share your photo and parts of your life! 

If you'd like your picture taken and your story told, let me know and we can arrange that!

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