When Disappointment Comes

Have you had those moments where you were really hoping for something to happen and it didn't? Perhaps you were expecting a promotion and it fell through. Maybe you were expecting to be pregnant by now, and you're not. Or possibly you were expecting to be further along in life right now than where you're at....and it's just disappointing.

Today I was listening to this song for the first time and the lyrics were this:

I know that all things are working for my good. He’s Intentional. Never failing.
— Travis Green, "Intentional"

It was really impacting to me. Mostly because I realized that everything that God does in our lives is intentional. Nothing is left up to coincidence. That gave me so much hope! 

Hope that God is not far and distant, but is right beside me, walking with me through everything in my life. He is weaving everything together and it's a perfect plan, even though it doesn't seem so perfect at times. God is intentional with every detail. How amazing.

Even these lovely flowers above were intentionally created by Him for me (and you) to look at in awe of. God is truly wonderful.

I hope that brings some encouragement to you today like it did me!