Meet Mary Kathryn | Portrait Project

Mary Kathryn is an amazing woman. We met about 8 years ago when we both did Celebrate Recovery (CR) together at our church, Watermark. I was quite nervous to do CR and before starting the program, I really thought I didn't need it. Oh how I was so wrong! I needed the healing in my life just as much as anyone (maybe more!). 

The group of girls that I was able to do CR with I will never forget. In fact, I still am in regular contact with many from the group. When you go through something like CR, the people you walk through it with definitely are keepers and friends for life.

Mary Kathryn is an enjoyable and fun person to be around and she's so patient. When I see the interaction of her and her children, I am always encouraged and hope that I will have the same love for my children one day. I love her heart and her desire to follow God wherever he leads. I've seen that played out in her life many times and it's so awesome to watch! She's a good listener, too! Seriously, if you don't know her, you're missing out! :)

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