The City

I love wandering around big cities and getting lost. One time, Joshua and I went to Chicago, IL and wandered around with a friend of ours. We started with their metro system, went straight downtown and began wandering wherever we wanted to. During this time, we found a fun coffee shop, walked across bridges, took some interesting pictures, went into random shops, and just had fun exploring. 

When we went to Portland recently, we didn't have much time for exploring, but we did get to see the downtown scene a little. This is one night shot I got during our time there.

Canon 5D Mark II; 50mm f/1.4  |  f/3.5, 1/25 sec, ISO-1600

Canon 5D Mark II; 50mm f/1.4  |  f/3.5, 1/25 sec, ISO-1600

I think we should always explore wherever we live. Sometimes it's hard to explore in a city we see daily or have lived in for a while, but there is always something new to discover. What's your favorite thing to do in your city? 

We're currently in Dallas and I love many parts of this city! I was telling Joshua earlier today that when we leave this city, I will probably cry. I just feel at home here. I guess I'll have to enjoy every bit I can. :)

Have a good Monday!