Meet Buck! | Portrait Project

Right away when I met Buck, I knew I was meeting a man who had a servants heart that was full of love. 68 and going strong, this man has a farm in the middle of nowhere in Texas that he loves to be on. We had the privilege with some good friends of ours to go out and spend the weekend with him. We had such a good time!

Buck worked a long time in the corporate world, but always wanted to have a farm in the country. While he normally resides in the Houston area with his family, he takes every chance he can to go work on his farm. He currently has around 100 acres of land where he's built a lake, a garden and currently uses the land to produce and sell hay. He loves it! He told me, that if he could, he would spend all of his time there. I think from the picture above, you can see how true it is! 

One thing that really encouraged me about Buck's story, is that he had a dream of owning land and for the last 13 years he's done it! I hope the things I want to do in my life also pan out--even if I'm in my 60s!

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