Looking Inside

When we were in Thailand once, this man (pictured below) for some reason began to laugh while he scooped up our creamy coconut ice cream, with jellies and vermicelli noodles. As I watched him, I secretly snagged a couple of photos of him in that moment of joy. These moments, I just love!

I love these moments because I can clearly see how we are all alike. God gave us all smiles, laughs and senses of humor. This man may look different than you or I (or maybe you look just like him!), but inside, he is the same as you and me. 

Once I was really afraid to interact with those different than me, but now I see the beauty in the differences and couldn't imagine my life any different. If you have a fear of people different than you, reach out. Just say hi and ask how their day is. You'll quickly see that they are just another human on this earth, seeking to do something with their life. It's that simple!