Eager for Change

Have you ever felt like something was brewing inside of your mind and heart that you didn't know how to describe? Something that kept mulling repetitively in your mind, but you couldn't put your finger on the exact thought? 

I have no idea what that's like!! ;)

Okay, yeah, I'm lying. I'm totally in that spot right now.

I feel really challenged...in a good way, I think. I have been trying to think through what it is that I'm trying to accomplish with my website, photography, and blog. And to be forthright, I'm unsure. 

I want to make a difference. Plain and simple. I feel like if I were to die without changing someone's life in some way using photography, I would have missed part of my purpose in life. 

I never realized 9 years ago, when my Mom gave me my camera as a "graduating university" gift, that I'd be doing it professionally one day. I never would have imagined the places I've taken my camera and the fun things I've been able to do with it. Case in point: the picture below (taken in Thailand).

But I want more. And I don't mean that in a greedy sense. What I mean is that I want more than just sharing beautiful photos. I want life change.

I want to act as a catalyst for change in people--in their thought process, actions and views.

I want to learn and grow.

I want to share the world that I see with you.

I want to challenge my readers to do the same, wherever they're at. 

We weren't just put on this earth to do nothing. Our lives are precious and we should fiercely try to figure out what that purpose is so we can live in it.

And that friends, is what I'm doing. Aggressively asking, what is it I'm supposed to do with photography? How can I be a change agent in this industry? If I could answer those questions, I suspect things would be very different for me.  

More on this later.