Meet Sage | Weekly Portrait Project

We met Sage five years ago when we visited a church in Tacoma, Washington. He might look like an intimidating person (I did try to get him to smile--promise!), but is one of the most fun people we've ever been around. Him and his wife (and kids!) are amazing people who are constant encouragements to us. We love these guys. Read about Sage's story below:

My name is Sage Sanchez.

Jesus rescued me 11 years ago. I was born into a generational curse of drug addiction that plagued my family for years. Sitting in jail, I started asking myself questions, that never dared to ask while I was entrenched in the lifestyle of gangs and drugs. Not too long after sitting in jail for a year, and searching for the Lord, I was in a position that I had face reality, and all my fears, I realized I was face to face with God, broken and, crying out to Him to save me! He was faithful and just, He rescued me, and has been restoring me back to who I am created to be. I am called to be a husband, a father, and most importantly, a child of God. I am thankful that He let's me partner with Him in ministry, and serve broken young people that I can relate to.

Like Sage, we all have stories when we've been in a broken place. We might all be different looking, from different countries, speak different languages, and have different experiences, but the bottom line is that at a basic level we're all the same. I hope that from this portrait project you are beginning to see the beauty in diversity of people and their stories. 

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