Street Musicians

When I was younger (and I confess, now that I'm older too!) I have always wanted to do something with music. I began as a music major in college with the aspiration to be in the music ministry or something like it. One of my biggest dreams was to record my original songs in a studio, which was fulfilled by a friend about seven years ago. We decided to trade services, so she recorded my music and I took pictures of her in the studio. It was so much fun. You can actually see those pictures here!


So when I see musicians like this on the street, it reminds me of my desires to do something with music. These days, I play guitar/piano for fun, write music, or even lead worship with other folks. It is a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoy it. I don't expect it to go much further than that and that's fine by me. 

The above picture was in Pike's Place in Seattle, WA. There were these music notes scattered all around where musicians sat and played. It must be some kind of program for street musicians. It is such a fun place, so if you ever make it up to Seattle, go to Pike's Place and enjoy all the yummy food and fun people. You won't regret it.