Meet Tiffany | Weekly Portrait Project

I've known Tiffany for a long time. We met when I was born--she's my cousin on my Dad's side! :) If I stood next to her you'd see the resemblance, especially if she had her hair curly. 

If I needed some cheering up or if I was really depressed, this woman would be the one I'd go to. She exudes joy. Her laugh compels me to laugh. She's thoughtful and caring. Since being back in the state's, I've really had fun seeing her more often and I treasure every moment.

You know, even though Tiffany is my family, there are still things I don't know about her. One of those things I just learned when I asked her to participate in my weekly portrait project. She has been working as a nurse in the Dialysis scene for some time now and has vision for something really awesome in the future that she's praying about. Hear it in her own words:

This is something I've been thinking about in the back in my mind for a long time now. When I started working with Dialysis patients, they said the main cause of kidney failure is uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension. Our patient population in the U.S. for these issues are expected to double by 2020. 

So my passion is for the church to be healthy. I know God wants the church to be healthy and obesity is taking over us.

What I'm praying about is doing a non-profit in churches that does health screenings. It would help people become educated in their numbers--what their blood pressure is, etc. In my latest job I heard horror stories of people not knowing they had high blood pressure, they crashed in the ICU setting and then ended up on Dialysis because they didn't know.

So my passion is for the church to be healthy. I know God wants the church to be healthy and obesity is taking over us. I think knowledge is power--knowing your numbers are power. I've seen a lot of people who didn't know they had high blood pressure and then their kidney's failed. 

Going into church settings and doing health screenings would help--and even taking it a step further than that, educating people how to use a glucometer or a blood pressure machine, teaching them what's normal, giving them one and empowering them to check their numbers at home. Or when they come in to be screened and their blood pressure is too high, we could immediately send them to the ER. The goal is to catch them before they have kidney failure and are forced to be on Dialysis. 

God didn't make me a nurse for no reason. When I heard that our patient population would double by 2020, my first thought was how can we stop that? I don't think there are enough people or enough programs to help and I feel like this is something God has put on my heart.

I am really excited to see how God develops this in Tiffany. If you have the same passion about healthcare, maybe God wants to use you in this way too. Feel free to contact me and I can put you in contact with Tiffany. 

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