Exotic Fruit SOOC

I haven't posted one of these in a while! This is a SOOC--Straight Out Of the Camera photo. The first photo is unedited and the second one is the finished product.

You can see that the first picture is underexposed and lacking the brightness and color I normally strive for in photos. I try my best to take photos at the brightness I want, but sometimes it just doesn't happen!

What I did was bring the photo into Adobe Camera Raw, brought up the exposure, and saturated the photo a little. After Adobe Camera Raw, I always bring my photos into Adobe Photoshop and most of the time I'm adjusting the levels of the photo (adjusting the levels of a photo basically lightens or darkens an image and with the option to adjust the contrast as well). I sharpen the photo a little, add a little contrast, and if I want it black and white, I'll run an action. Sometimes I run other actions to cross-process the photo (which gives it a 'vintage' or yellow look).

I really try to be minimalist in my editing. I really would like to be at the point where I take a photo and it's exactly how I want it in its output. I'll get there one day! It takes practice!

Have you eaten this fruit before? It's called Dragon Fruit. I first saw and tried these in Thailand. It's not my favorite, but it does have a good taste. Oddly enough, the flesh of this fruit is white with black specks! It's definitely exotic!