Meet Kaycee | Weekly Portrait Project

I really enjoyed meeting Kaycee this past January in Washington. I met her through her sister, which is a good friend of mine, and I felt so blessed to meet and hear more about her life. 

That's what I love about this project. Taking photos of people, hearing their stories and learning about the experiences people go through is both stretching and encouraging. It reminds me of how we are all so similar--we might all have different stories, but we are all humans desiring to make a difference. 

To be encouraged by Kaycee's story, read below!

2016.02.17-Weekly Portrait Project.jpg

For seventeen years I was the youngest of four girls. I thought a lot about having younger siblings, but never really thought it would happen. At the age of seventeen we started foster care, which I loved, but it was also heart breaking when we had to say goodbye. Then at the age of nineteen, in November 2012, our family’s adoption of two siblings from Uganda was finalized and they got to come home! For the first time I had younger siblings, and for the first time I had a brother. A little over a year ago another adoption went through and we gained another brother, this time from Ethiopia.

Many times when people find out how many siblings I have, 16 (including foster siblings), they react in shock and they go on to say how in awe they are with what my family has done. For me it always throws me when they say these things. I never thought about how much it takes for what we do. It’s just what we do. We say yes to God. Especially with my adoptive siblings, I could not possibly imagine not having them. At times, it’s like we have all been a family forever and that there is no difference between us. The way my family is put together has been such a blessing and has shaped me to be the way I am. 


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