It's interesting that two people can look at the same thing and have two different perspectives. I think this exists in both photography and life.

With photography, the photo below, I got underneath the subject and looked straight up.

The next photo I took looking from the side.

Perspective is everything in photography. It is essential to move around your subject so you can gain a different perspective than what you first saw. Sometimes moving just a little to the right or left changes everything about the photo. I think if we can train ourselves to see things from multiple angles we will become even better in our craft.

I think the same thing exists in life. Sometimes we can get really caught up on something because we refuse (either unwillingly or unknowingly) to change our perspective of the situation. We can have a fixed mindset, that forces us into one thought process or view on something, or we can have a growth mindset that is always looking for the 'growth' in a situation. It's possible that if we just slightly changed our perspective on a problem, we'd have the solution. Or maybe we wouldn't find the solution, but we'd be more content or less angry about something that happened to us. It's amazing what happens when we see with different eyes.

Next time you are photographing or even experiencing a disappointment or conundrum in your life, try to see the other perspectives that exist. They're there, you just have to be open to look for them.