Taking Photos of Strangers

One skill I'm constantly trying to develop is taking pictures of strangers. Sometimes I ask for a photo, sometimes I don't. In the case below, I had asked them if I could take their photo by pointing at my camera and they both said yes. 

I like documenting normal life for people, so most of the time I don't ask so I can capture them as they're doing whatever it is they're doing. I like documenting "normal" things because I think it shows us that we're all alike. We all are humans. If anything that is one thing we have in common and needs to be remembered. 

These girls were cooking chicken skewers of some sort (I didn't try one) on the street. Street food is such a common thing in Southeast Asia. I wish it were a common thing in the states! Perhaps places like New York City they have vendors out on the street (like hotdog stands), but in Houston or other places, there is nothing. Maybe it's because we don't walk anywhere to get to places? Most things are spread out and requires driving.

Today I want to extend a challenge to you--take your camera, go out and try to snag a photo of a stranger that is doing something. It can be interesting or completely normal. I think part of taking photos of people we don't know is getting over the fear! 

If you take my challenge on, leave a comment below with a link to your picture so I can see it!