Meet Aiden | Weekly Portrait Project

I just love kids. They have a curiosity to them that we lack as adults sometimes. They look at the world in color--seeing everything as an opportunity to learn or do. They pick up on things quickly and are teachable. These are all qualities I want for myself! 

Aiden is a curious kid. He is adventurous, too. He is one of six kids in this family and is a lot of fun to be around. Read about what his mom had to say about him:

Cory Aidan is a fun guy. He loves the outdoors and has been know to sneak his fishing pole whenever we're going anywhere near a creek. 

It will be fun to see what he is like as he gets older. :) Thanks for stopping by! I'm in Houston for the next two and a half weeks and I'd love to take your photo and share about you. Leave a comment below and we'll schedule it.