Meet my Dad | Weekly Portrait Project

This first week for my photo portrait, I have chosen to stay close to home--my family. :) Meet my Dad, Lloyd.

I asked him to share about himself or a story, but he wasn't sure what to say, so I'm going to describe him. :) 

Now, if you were to meet him in person, you'd learn very quickly that he's very chatty and will talk with you as long as you let him. You'd also learn that he can talk like Donald Duck, he loves movies (watching and collecting), and he has a deep love for God he expresses through serving other people. If I had to say one thing about my Dad, it would be that he has a servants heart that will do the things that no one else wants to do. While he does these things, he doesn't grumble or complain, but does them with a joyful heart. This is one thing I aspire to be like. Love you Dad!

Do you want to be apart of my weekly portrait project? Leave a comment below or email me ( and we can set up a time. I will gladly give you the photo I take of you!