Favorite Place

Out of all the places we've visited, I still think this is one of my favorite places: Istanbul, Turkey. I love the beauty of the water with the city in the backdrop. The mixtures of sounds and smells from the water, street food, boats, and traffic make it very fun place to just sit and take it all in. There is a lot to see and do--you could never do it in one or even two trips. If you ever get a chance, go and visit this place. You'll not be disappointed!

The last week was very busy for me with a conference and visiting friends, so I got a little behind in my photo of the day's and portrait project. I resolved within myself when I started these projects that I wouldn't be obsessive about it, so I am just going to pick up where I left off! :) I have some very fun photos to post soon though--some portraits from people I've randomly met and some new places for me that I've never been to. It's fun visiting new places! Have a great day!