Meet Samantha | Weekly Portrait Project

This gal is awesome. I met her nine (what?!) years ago in Dallas, Texas, at Watermark Community Church. We joined a community group together and our entire group over a two year period became such close friends who truly shared life together. We shared meals, sorrows, struggles, homes, etc. It was an amazing two years that I do miss. Over the years our group has disbanded, but when we're together it feels like we pick up right where we left off. I could have spent so much more time with Samantha and her family when we visited Colorado! 

I asked Samantha to write something about herself and this is what she said: 

My family and I recently moved from big city Dallas to rural Colorado. We are loving our new town and the natural beauty of the land all around us. I prefer to start my mornings with iced coffee and a whole lot of Jesus to get through the day.

I'm so thankful for this great friend. Thanks Samantha for letting me share about you on my blog! Samantha is also a writer, so you should check out her facebook page here. 

If you want your picture taken for my portrait of the week project, leave a comment below and we can plan something out!