The Golden Temple

I was going through my photos and realized I never posted any of these from our trip to the Golden Temple earlier this year!

We went to this Sikh temple because people told us it was beautiful--and it really was. I don't know if the entire thing is made of gold, but it is definitely at least overlaid in gold. When you walk up to it, it just shines because the gold is so bright. 

I will post some pictures at another time, but basically surrounding this temple is a path that people can walk around. People are sitting everywhere--some people are even sprawled out sleeping (which was surprising to see). You can even go into the temple and view the inside. We decided not to--the line was incredibly long.

I'm glad I am able to go to these kinds of places and learn about other's beliefs and cultures. I think when we only know our own culture, it is a disadvantage for us. What I mean, is that we only have thoughts from where we stand and are not seeing things from multiple perspectives. There tends to be no diversity in it. It truly opens up your mind to try to learn to think like others think and believe. It also gives you greater understanding of where people come from and you begin to see that we're not so different, even though we might speak another language or eat different foods. Overall, I think it's a good thing!

The nice thing about this idea is that there are opportunities wherever you live to get a different perspective. Go to a museum, go to a different part of town where a diaspora lives and eat at their restaurant, get in conversation, etc. or go to a international grocery store. There are many opportunities! 

So...there are no excuses. Go and learn from other people. :) Tell me how it goes.