Waiting to Ride the Waves

This post is going to share a little bit of my heart this morning. 

I feel like most of the last 8 years has been a series of waiting to ride the waves. If you've spent any time on the ocean or near a beach, you have probably seen or tried surfing or boogie boarding. It's quite difficult (especially if you don't have the balance) and you can easily fall in. I know when I went boogie boarding once, I was holding on as tight as I could to stay on in order to catch that wave that would carry me to the beach. I passed by many waves, trying to get the right one. Once I did, the exhilaration of being carried to the beach was amazing. I never regretted waiting at that point. That, folks, is what I'm talking about. 

In my life, I do a lot of waiting for that perfect wave that God is bringing. I can't tell you how many times we've had to wait on things to happen over a period of months. The outcome is always good, but the wait...it's just hard. I just want to jump the next wave I see and fly...but obviously I might take the wrong wave and then I'll really be in trouble! 

We're in that wait now (on a few things)--and it's not always fun. It creates stress sometimes in our marriage and other relationships. It creates tension because we are in limbo and we feel like we can't really start something that we know will take months to do--but then we feel purposeless. I often ask God during these times, "What am I supposed to do? What is my role? Why can't this happen faster?" I often hear a reply, but it's normally always the same.

It's always two simple words: Trust Me.

You'd think after all the experiences we've had, of God pulling off the impossible, I would learn to trust Him. However, I just can't seem to completely learn this...or perhaps the things I'm trusting in Him now are greater than what I was first trusting Him with. I'd like to think that. :)

I've done a lot of rambling, but one thing I know for sure. Even though I don't have the answer for myself on how long this waiting period will be or why it's so long, I know that God has never failed me before and He won't start now. He will finish what He's started.

Miraculous things have happened in my life and that is because I waited on Him to pull through. God can be trusted and I will continue to trust in Him no matter how hard it is, or how long I have to wait. The perfect wave is coming. 

While this post was a way of externally processing for myself, I hope that if any of you are waiting on something to happen, that you will continue to trust in God. 

Take heart. Have hope. The perfect wave is coming.