Normal Life is Interesting

I really enjoy taking "sneaky" shots. It's those shots that I get when no one realizes I'm there. I catch them in their natural environment, where there's no posing or staged smiles, just them doing life. Like this woman reading the newspaper in her booth at the weekend market in Thailand. 

I think these pictures are so much more interesting as it gives us a glimpse of a life that we don't always notice because it might seem boring or plain. I think it's far from that though!

Speaking of normal life, I have recently gotten into working out again. In my past it's always been a huge part of my life, but over the last two years, I have really gotten sedentary. It is partially due to my situation and where I live, but it's mostly due to my decisions of not working out. As a result, I feel like my strength has diminished greatly as well as my ability to just climb stairs and do normal things. I finally had enough and I've been trying to be consistent over the last couple of weeks. So far it's going well.

I have been doing mostly Crossfit style workouts, although I'm not really doing any one particular style or method. For example, today I did 400m of sprints and walking lunges. My legs now feel like noodles. :) On Saturday I did the P90X Yoga (which is a killer). My goal is just consistency. If you too are trying to get back into the swing of working out or another habit you want to build, let me know! Maybe we can hold each other accountable.

Hope you enjoy your day today and all the normal things you do!