Buddhist Shrine | "Get Down Low"

This is apart of my "Get Down Low" series that I started yesterday. While photo walking around in the South of Thailand, I came across this small shrine that had the dragon candlestick holder and the bowl where they put candles in. It was a small shrine, but it made for a nice picture. I took a few shots farther away, but because I "got down low" I was able to fill the frame more. That wouldn't have happened standing up. 

On a random side note, the weather where I live is changing!! It's not nearly as hot as it was, and it might be crazy to say that 91F/33C is really comfortable! Previously it was at minimum 105F/40C as the high, and now it's getting lower and lower each day. In fact, 75F/24C is a little cold for me now! Can't believe it. I'm thankful, although I know that my tune will change whenever it's really cold (and by that I mean 40F/4C). That won't be for some time though, thankfully!

Hope wherever you're at you are not too hot!