Photo Walk Ideas

When we went to Thailand, I took this picture near the beach. I went on a photo walk while Joshua was diving and got all kinds of beautiful photos. Photo walks are so enjoyable and you can give yourself as much challenge or not as you want. On my photo walk, it was just a leisure stroll while taking photos of things that I saw on the way. 

If you want to give a photo walk a go, some example challenges could be:

  • Choose one prime lens and tell yourself that you will only shoot using that lens. 
  • Choose a color and focus only on photographing that color in different objects that you see.
  • Focus only on portrait taking; asking complete strangers to take their photos.
  • Focus only on taking pictures of people, but do it candidly (ie don't ask them, shoot them in their natural environment while they're working, talking, etc.).
  • Focus on inanimate objects.
  • Focus on the details of objects rather than the entire picture.
  • Focus on textures that you see while walking around.
  • Only take pictures looking upwards, eye view, or looking down (choose one).
  • Focus on moving objects and play with your shutter speed.
  • Focus on shapes or lines.
  • Focus on one rule of photography (ie the rule of thirds).
  • ...and the list goes on!

There are so many options to choose from and these challenges will help memorize your camera (so you don't have to think when pushing buttons on your camera while shooting), help your eyes see things more creatively and to have fun!

So grab your camera, whatever camera you have, and just go shoot! It doesn't matter if you take good or bad photos. The idea is to be creative, practice a skill and grow. If you try one of my ideas above, send me your photo (ashley[at] or post it on my facebook wall to show me your work! It would be fun to see what you come up with!

Happy shooting!