Yummy to my Tummy

This is the best dessert ever. And the cheapest. Unfortunately...it is in Thailand. I'm sure I could endeavor to make it, but it would take many attempts to make it as good as they do!

It is basically like a crepe that is cooked at very high temperatures and covered with a variation of sweetened condensed milk, bananas, nutella, coconut, etc. You can even get cheese on it (we tried that and it wasn't bad...I probably won't do it again)! They are about a dollar and are delicious!!! It's one of our favorite things to eat after dinner and you can generally find them on most streets. 

This man let me take pictures of him while making it. As you can see at this point he's cooking it on the extremely hot skillet. I so wish I could eat one now! This is torture. :)

This past week has been such a busy one. Our day got remarkably better after Thursday (if you don't remember, it was a frustrating day) and now it's the weekend! Yay! Normally our weekends look like work on Saturday and we take the entire day off on Sunday as a Sabbath. It's important for us to have one day of rest each week. So that means no photo tomorrow most likely, but I'll resume *hopefully* on Monday. 

Hope you have a fantastic weekend full of rest and fun!