Serene & Peaceful

If I remember correctly, I took this picture very early in the morning. We had just spent the entire night on a train traveling south and then we hopped on this ferry to go to an island. I remember standing in front of this sight on the pier, with the wind in my face, thinking how serene it was. There was hardly any noise (because of how early it was), the sun was still rising, the sky was blue and the waters were still. I'm thankful for these moments!

On another note, I finished reading a book the other day that really rocked my world. It's incredibly short (which is wonderful) and it is for those folks who are crazy busy. :) Guess what the name is? Hint: Just look at the previous sentence. 

Okay, if you haven't figured it out, it's called Crazy Busy. I'll post more about this tomorrow. It's worth it's own post!

Have a great day/night (wherever you're at)!