Beautiful Kentucky

I was surprised when I went to Kentucky how beautiful it is there. Of course, I only went to Lexington and a small city East of Lexington, but what I did see was quite beautiful. This picture is from up a hill by our friend's house. It was so beautiful and quiet there! 

Where we're now at (and where we live for that matter!) is such the complete opposite. Don't get me wrong, some parts are beautiful, but it's mostly loud and a concrete jungle. I sometimes think I'd prefer a concrete jungle, mostly because I have no idea how to handle things in the country (for example, ticks?! That was a first for me in KY!). But it's nice to go to those places when you can, to drink in the clean air and beauty. It makes you relax and slow down.

Hope that despite where you're at in the world that you'd find a way to slow down today and enjoy whatever beauty is around you!