1/4 Over & Realizations

I have known this cute little girl for the past two years, but it wasn't until the day before we left for the State's that she decided to open up to me! She didn't want to stop playing hide and seek with me. Love that smile. Miss this family.

Well, a 1/4 of our trip is over! Crazy! We are now with my parents and have been having a blast. Tonight my Mom is making a chicken casserole that I grew up eating (yes!). I also bought some raspberries today and ate them with nectarines and Greek yogurt. Let's just say that my mouth was in food heaven. :) Can't get any of what I just mentioned above where I live!

On another note, things here are quite overwhelming (in both good and bad ways). Like:

  • Going to Wal-Mart or any grocery store. There are so many options! How can you pick one?! How do you know what's best or good? I think the first few times I went I just stared at everything and left without buying much. OR the opposite, at least once, I saw so much that I wanted to try that I grabbed everything and realize I couldn't get it all and put it back.
  • There is so much open space here!!! Large fields, driving lanes are huge, tons of parks (with no kids playing because there are so many), etc! Where are all the people? :)
  • People are SO friendly. You can literally strike up conversation with everyone and they don't think you're a creeper, want money or have ulterior motives. Joshua and I have picked up skepticism ever since leaving the U.S. and it's hard to trust people now. 
  • This might be just Texas, but...everyone is a little 'bigger' here. Maybe it's due to all the options available...??
  • Every store, house, building, etc. is SO COLD!! I am so glad I brought my jacket otherwise I would be freezing!!! WHY?! Joshua also feels this way...so it's not just because I'm a girl. :)
  • Food portions at restaurants are literally the size of my torso. I think a whole family could eat it. No joke.

That is all I can think of at the moment...I'm sure there's more! Enough ramblings for today. :) Have an awesome day!