Daily Life on the Street

I have done a poor job with keeping up with my picture of the day ever since resuming! I guess my life has been a tad bit crazier than I first anticipated!


I feel this is a common site where I live. People set up shop on the streets and sell different things--this man was selling watches. Things get very dusty here fast, so it's also very common for them to be constantly cleaning them to make them look presentable for customers. 

On a different note...yesterday was my Hub's birthday! He turned the big 3-0 and I threw him a BIG SURPRISE dessert party with all of our expat friends here. He was really shocked, actually (I rarely can surprise him, so I got him good this year!). All the planning for that party took so much time though, but it was completely worth it. He felt so loved. :)

Hope you had a great weekend and hope your Monday is amazing!