Bridge Design

This picture right here is from the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. It's a beautiful place. I've shown pictures of it before with people fishing, the beautiful view of historical sites over the water, etc. We crossed this bridge many times and I always loved the I took a picture of it. I am a sucker for beautiful design. :)

So I can't believe it, but tomorrow is the big day--we're headed back to the state's for a visit! As of right now, it doesn't feel quite real. It might not feel real until I'm on the plane...or maybe when I see my family? Not sure. Perhaps it will be when I get to the Houston airport and instead of Urdu I hear English and Spanish. That'll be weird. I wonder if my Spanish will come back to me. Regardless, it's coming faster than I realize! :) We still have some packing and last minute things to do, but we'll get it done, I'm sure...I hope...! 

Time to finish packing and everything else I need to do!