Different Ways

Tassels, beads and colorful fabrics are seen pretty much everywhere here--like clothing, inside rickshaws, purses, house decor, etc. When I first moved to this side of the world, I didn't care for it. Now, my friends and family probably won't recognize me. :) I wear gaudy earrings (at least gaudy once in my opinion), brightly colored patterned clothes and shoes other than Chaco's! :) Man have I changed!

It's actually a beautiful thing--losing yourself to another culture. What I mean is that when you move somewhere that is polar opposite to who you are, it forces you to look at life differently. It makes you inspect all the idiosyncrasies that you thought were normal because the culture you live in now thinks your strange for doing it that way. Over time you give into thinking that your way is the best and your mind is opened to seeing that there are many ways to washing clothes, driving, eating, and everything else! I don't see so black and white anymore--I mean, believe me, there are some things I will never budge on, but I look at life differently now. I see differences even more now as beauty and the creativity of God. He is so stinkin' creative!!

I'm thankful that I've had the pleasure of experiencing this. If you ever get a chance to move someplace other than your home culture--do it. It's hard...but so worth it!

And that is your food for thought today! :) Happy Monday!