A Deep Longing

When my department and I went to this mosque, there was a man that was sitting on the floor, watching us with curiosity. I don't know this man's story, but I think it's very likely that this man sits in this mosque often, praying and asking God to show him the straight path.

Whether people realize it or not, I think we all have a deep longing in our hearts. Something that cannot be filled by food, water, relationships with people or material things. I know this is true for myself--I have a deep longing that I have tried filling with many things. For a long time, it was feeling adequate or worth something. I tried to find my worth in everything I did--my achievements, what I learned, the relationships I had, etc. I always was dissatisfied.  I have even tried with food, eating WAY more than I needed and trying to fill my lacking emotions with good tasting food. Neither of these things worked..nor has anything on this earth. Truly it has been my relationship with God that has filled this void in my heart and I am truly so thankful! It has not been something I have done--I could never fill this by myself. When I try to fill it, I'm always disappointed (as mentioned above!).

God desires to show all of us His Kingdom. I pray that we all find it so that we might truly know and have life abundantly! That is His desire for us and it's wonderful!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that we all have a longing in our hearts for something bigger than ourselves?