Weather Differences (& other differences too!)

This was taken in Taksim Square in Istanbul Turkey. Taksim is a really popular place to walk around, shop, eat, listen to street performers and take a trolley! We never took the trolley, but I did snag a picture of it. 

It was very cold (for me) that day. These days....I am slightly envious. :) It is quite warm here (high today of 108F/42C--this has been the norm for the past month)!  Like most homes here, our home is not central a/c or anything like that, so we just sweat all day long. Fortunately we do have an a/c in a few rooms, but you can't camp there all day long (even though everyone would if they could!).

When we arrive in the U.S. in Houston, apparently it's going to be a whopping high of 89F/31C! Crazy. That is going to be a shock to my body, as well as a blessing. :) I will enjoy every minute of it! I'll make sure to bring a light jacket. ;)

Speaking of heat...this is another thing I'm nervous about for going to the State's. Here, no one wears sleeveless shirts, halter tops, shorts (of any kind), dresses, skirts, bikini's, etc. in the heat. I know not everyone wears these things in the U.S., but I just haven't seen them. Here, you just wear a lighter cotton variety that is cooler, but still covers everything. I think my definition/view of modesty has changed. This is one thing that both Joshua and I are going to have to guard our hearts with.  We're not used to seeing things like this, and it could be a shocker. Although, some of the things we've grown used to seeing would shock other people too (like beggars who drag themselves across the floor, people missing limbs, etc.!). So I guess we've already had our shock here. Time for a shock in the good U S of A, but in a different way.

I sometimes wonder if we're over-analyzing things a bit. I guess if anything, we will have thought through quite a bit before going...and I do think that is a good thing. I'd rather be somewhat mentally prepared than not. 

Last thing--a professor here told me that I need to keep a journal when we go back. Often, when there are big changes, like what we are about to experience, our senses are heightened and we see, experience, feel, etc. things differently than before. I think I will do this, as it will be interesting to read later on in life. 

Okay, long blog post over! :) If you made it this far through my ramblings, then you are awesome. Have a great day!