Beauty in the Mundane

When I first started photographing, I created a blog where I put my photos called "The Beauty of the Mundane". This was before I was paid to take any photos--it was simply a place for me to put pictures online. I named it that because I really found beauty in normal, ordinary things and people. Even now, I aspire to take pictures of things that are around us that we probably don't notice because it's not special. Like the photo below:

I liked this picture because it was a father and his son on his shoulders, buying some dried fruits or nuts. It is a normal activity, but I really liked it. I liked the interaction--the normality of it.

This picture was taken in the spice market in Istanbul. That place is many people at one time. You can barely stop to look around, let alone take pictures!

I hope that you can find beauty in your day today--even if it's something you've seen or done a million times!