Old Buildings

This is the Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey. It's been said that if you go to the top you can have an excellent (argued the best) view of the entire city. I wouldn't know...I have never been. The line is always forever long and not sure if the price is worth it. If anyone has insight, let me know...you might change my mind for the next time we get to go to Istanbul! Even though I've never gone up it, it's quite beautiful to look at. In this view you're looking at it over the buildings which downplays how big it actually is. When you're standing in front of it, you realize how massive it really is! I'll post one of those another day.

On another note, I performing in a talent show on my birthday this upcoming month. Last year we held a talent show and it went so well that we decided it would be great to do it again. One of my students asked if I'd play the guitar for a song he was going to sing and I agreed. I just listened to the song and it's really nice. You can listen to it here. Last year I performed a song ("Falling" by The Civil Wars) by myself, but not sure if I will do it again this year.  I always have a hard time picking songs for these things! If you have any ideas, let me know!

Thanks for reading!