When we went to Istanbul, we came across several of fishermen on a bridge that beautifully shows the city. These men catch the fish, and then there are different people stationed around the bridge that have grills to make fish sandwiches. So when you eat a fish sandwich from there, it's pretty fresh! And they are delicious! You can see what the fish sandwiches look like from my previous pictures.

How do you think the weather was that day based on the picture?

If you're thinking cold, you are correct! It was very cold that day (for this girl at least!) and no sun was out (hence the blue tones of the picture). I thought about brightening it up, but, I think that it's worth showing it as it is. 

And now, I'm craving fish sandwiches. Meh. I'll go back to drinking my tea, which doesn't compare, but it's okay. :) Happy Friday!