Lighting is Key

In photography, lighting is so key! If I had to pick one growth area this year in photography, it would be how to creatively use lighting in all situations, particularly with a flash. If you've been reading my posts, learning off-camera lighting has been a focus for me lately.

This image was not taken with flash, but using the available ambient lighting. I actually like the photo's darkness with the light coming in through the window--the picture glows brightly due to that.

On another note sort of related to lighting, I am practically done with the cultural festival photos and will post a few in the coming days! I'm really excited about them! During this time I used a flash with a shoot through umbrella. I only have one flash/umbrella, so I had to be creative on how to get a good shot each time. It was a challenge, but I managed it. :) 

Have a great Saturday!