I Love People

If I had to be alone for a week I think I'd go crazy. For the most part, everyone knows about the Myer Briggs Test (if you don't know, it's a personality test that puts you into four letters that describe who you are). My letters are: ENFJ (Extrovert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judge). You can read about each type here. I really am an ENFJ--it's kind of wild how much it describes me. So the first letter, "E" stands for "Extrovert". I am hands down an extrovert. When I'm alone longer than a day, I get depressed! 

I think that's why I like photographing people so much. I'm able to interact with people, make them laugh, capture them in the moment (like the one above) and get energy while doing it. What extrovert wouldn't like that job?! 

So simply put, I love people!