Family, Family, Family!

I'm going to take a break from my normal photo of the day (POTD) and post something that happened towards the end of last year--a family portrait! I actually did three of these and never have gotten around to posting them. I guess that tells you how busy I am!

I have known this family prior to their kiddos and they are awesome people. We just love them and are so excited to see their family grow. I did pictures for them once in the past and you can see those here!

It's amazing to see how much their kids have grown--their middle child was a baby when we last did pictures!

One thing I do love about this family is their willingness to try things, even if it feels silly. In our last shoot we got a jumping picture and we followed suit in this one. :) I love that their kids got into it, too! 

This was a nice change from the normal posts. Maybe I'll post the other two family portraits I've recently done soon. :)